The hip hop culture that began on the streets of New York more than four decades ago has now become so rich and extensive that it’s quickly being adopted by music lovers as their ultimate fashion statement.

Electronic dance and trap artists have quickly captured a huge chunk of the music industry. Hip hop undoubtedly plays a vital part in our life and there is hardly any occasion or any celebration that goes without music.

Types of Hip Hop Music

While rapping is the most recognizable kind of hip hop, this genre has expanded way beyond being just music and has developed into a culture of its own. Djing, scratching, break dancing, beat boxing and graffiti-writing are all considered areas solely dominated by artists.

Artists producing for environments that offer dance based entertainment, such as discos, etc, call their hip hop numbers as electronic dance music.

Disco influence

While hip hop artists in the beginning received some harsh criticism on the language used in this kind of music, the backlash coupled with the influence of discos has actually helped the culture breed. It is increasingly being played at night clubs, bars and disco’s and the genre has often been correlated with the glamorous lives of those who turned from rags to riches.


Hip Hop Videos

The flashy jewelry, big cars, bar settings, etc., are all the ingredients we see in most videos. Electronic dance music and its creators, the hip hop artists, are presenting their talent in a way that’s reshaping the perspectives of Americans in a big way. This genre also holds a special significance among youngsters.

Getting the Message Across

This kind of music, since its inception, has not just been used for self-expression, but also to expose political, economical and social issues a society faces. The golden era in hip hop was the early 90's when everything an artist would put forth, would be innovative and of high quality. Two decades later, the same trend continues as the artists continue to reinvent the genre in a way that nothing is contrived, but it’s all natural, very much close to reality and yet highly entertaining.


Today, rap artists have begun to appeal to listeners belonging to all age groups as they continue to make contributions to the mainstream hip hop.

Ms. Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. Nadel is not just an amazing vocalist; she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc.

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