Exposure is a game name competed by aspiring writers to someday; achieve success in their writing career. Nadel Paris a published author believes that whether you write for pleasure or for profit, determination should be present in order for you to take a higher place. Somehow, this line is better said done than done for those who easily give up.

The Beginning

Every self-published author is destined to find his own effective ways in order to have his name at the reading public, to make sure his masterwork is read, and that his restless hours of trying to finish the book won’t be wasted. Traditionally, authors would start looking for book publishers specializing in printing the particular genre of their books. Some might be so lucky enough to have their books capture the publishing’s interest that fast, while some, after trying for several times, would remain disappointed. In most cases, repetitive refutations of manuscripts happen when authors submit their books to publishers and publishing industries not specializing in printing their masterworks’ specific genre. This is how traditional publishing works.

Switching to Digital

Today, the value of traditional publishing has gradually faded among the readers because of the increasing Internet usage. More people have switched to reading digital books as they have now entered the mainstream of digital world. Consequently, publishing industries are getting an eye to the flourishing business. Numerous self-published authors are offered with low-cost digital marketing services and publishing tools for their books and tens of thousands of writers are taking advantage of these services. BookWhirl.com for instance has uplifted its marketing services for self-published authors into various publishing tools, such as the design, formatting, illustration and the Ala Carte services.

The Willpower

Each year, there are over a hundred thousands of books published in the US. This shows that the number of book authors exceptionally increases resulting to a mounting competition among writers in the self-publishing industry. A self-motivation and a drive to compete are necessary in order for the author and the book to get name in the industry. To start, an author might take into consideration online book marketing plans for his books, by which digital book marketing industries in the world offer. The author should craft the brand for his book, know its significance to the readers, and define his target audience so that he will know where to begin. To craft a book brand means to envision the possible responses by the readers. Hence, it is a way the author wants his books to influence the emotions of the readers towards the book through its images, colors, and words.


Competition Analysis

Do you have the stomach for patience? Then, this is your call because in the world of competition, authors need to analyze every single thing, from the genre of the book, the target audience, the people they’re working with for the promotion of their books, and the kind of responses they’ll get the first time their books start to be exposed. Among the many ways successful self-published authors have done as part of their analysis is the creation of clever advertisement and blogs about them as authors and about their books. Advertisement online and blog creation should make sense and should be easy for the readers to understand.

Be Consistent

Successful self-published authors are consistent. When they’re already there, they are not reluctant to pursue. Successful self-published authors started as a failure. The thing is that they’ve learned, tried again, chosen the right book marketing services for their books, and the right people to work with them.


To be on the ultimate success is to take time to make it worth like anything else. Stick with what you’ve started for your books and don’t get discourage. Writing a book, self-publishing, marketing and publishing your book, and reaching out the readers are just like any business where you have to invest your time and energy and soon you’ll realize success is reachable after all.

Ms. Nadel Paris is a published author, recording artist, musician, music producer, and songwriter. Nadel has written numerous screenplays, but her first love is novel writing. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French.

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